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The RTSE1000 is a digital instrument that integrates all the major functions required by today’s motoring enthusiast and includes Tachometer, Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) measurement,
Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) measurement, Speedometer, Odometer and resettable Trip Meter.

It features a 2.4” IPS TFT display with built in touch screen which allows all information to be displayed simultaneously for easy viewing and also setup via the intuitive configuration menu.



The RTSE1000 is a state of the art digital instrument featuring a 2.4” IPS full colour display and a resistive touch screen used for all setup functions. The unit integrates a tachometer, cylinder head temperature (CHT) gauge, exhaust gas temperature (EHT) gauge and a speedometer into one unit. It also includes an odometer, a resettable trip meter and a distance countdown gauge. The distance gauge can be used as a pseudo fuel gauge, a service interval timer or for any other distance countdown application.

The RPM, CHT and EGT values are displayed simultaneously on both analogue bargraph displays and digital readouts for complete visibility, whilst the current speed is displayed in extra large digits in the centre of the display for easy viewing.

The module is highly customisable to suit all types of engines and applications via the intuitive touch screen menu structure and all information is displayed on a 2.4” TFT LCD with LED backlight which can be configured to automatically dim at night when the vehicle’s lights are on. It is equally suited to all petrol engine types including 2 stroke, 4 stroke, wasted spark, air cooled, water cooled, single and multi cylinder engines. The unit is powered from the vehicle’s power supply, both 12V DC systems with a battery or 12V AC systems fitted with a regulator are suitable.


The Tachometer, CHT and EGT values are displayed on analogue bargraph displays that can be configured in many ways. The minimum and maximum endpoints can be set, also the bargraphs can be divided in 1,2 3 or 4 bands with each band having its own definable range and colour. The bargraphs can be set to either show the individual colour bands as they increase or the whole bargraph can completely change colour to match the colour of the current band. This allows you to say define the RPM bargraph so the Green region defines the band of maximum efficiency or the Orange region the band of maximum power. The Red band could be set to the danger zone and you could also set the bargraph maximum endpoint to slightly above the maximum allowed engine RPM.

Digital Displays:

The digital displays for the RPM, CHT & EGT can be either shown in a fixed Text Colour or they can be allowed to change colour as their bargraph changes colour. They can also be configured to flash whenever the value exceeds a set point. The digital speed is displayed in extra large digits in the centre of the screen and its colour is fixed to the defined Text Colour.

Distance Gauge:

The unit includes a resettable analogue distance gauge that can be used as a pseudo fuel gauge, service indicator or any other distance countdown function the user may need.

Odometer & Trip meter:

An odometer and resettable trip meter is built in to the unit.

Peak Values:

Whenever the Speed,  RPM, CHT or EGT values achieves a new peak value it is recorded and stored for future reference. All peak vales are resettable.


All colours used are configurable to allow the user to tailor the unit to their personal taste, some examples are shown below of the possible combinations.


Setting up the unit is very straight forward using the built in touch screen menu structure which is accessed by pressing the screen for greater than 1 second. Alternatively, by just tapping the screen you can get access to various set and reset functions depending on which area was tapped, this is to give quick access to the features that you may use often. All settings are stored internally and are preserved when the unit is powered down without the need of any backup battery or supply.



Installation is very straight forward, connect the two power cables to the vehicle’s power system, the CHT probe is a ring terminal that is fitted to the cylinder head underneath the spark plug, the EGT probe is threaded to allow it to be screwed into a tapped hole in the exhaust and the tacho pickup cable is simply wrapped around the HT lead a few times and secured with cable ties or insulation tape. The speed input is from the included encapsulated sensor that is mounted close to the magnet placed on one of the wheels. You can also optionally connect the dimming circuit cable to the vehicle’s lighting circuit to allow the display to dim when the lights are on and also the relay output connections can be connected to a warning light or other device.

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Video 1 of RTSE1000 in action
Video 2 of RTSE1000 in action
Video 3 of RTSE1000 in action

0 to 300 Degrees Celsius ( 32 to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit ).
0 to 1200 Degrees Celsius ( 32 to 2192 Degrees Fahrenheit ).
800 to 15000 RPM.
Spark plug ring and EGT probe.
Encapsulated reed relay.
Spark plug HT lead pickup.
2 stroke, 4 stroke and wasted spark systems.
125mm W, 67mm H, 23mm D.
1.4 W, 11-30Vdc or 11-30 Vac ( vehicle must be fitted with regulator when using ac supply )

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