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The RT1000 is a digital instrument that integrates a tachometer and a single temperature gauge into one unit.

It features a 2.4” TFT touch screen LCD which allows all information to be displayed simultaneously for easy viewing and setup via the intuitive configuration menu.

Both the RPM and temperature values are displayed simultaneously on the bargraph display and on digital readouts.



The RT1000 is an integrated tachometer and single cylinder head temperature gauge for use on single or multi cylinder engines, it is highly customisable to suit all types of engines and applications via the intuitive touch screen menu structure and all information is displayed on a 2.4” TFT LCD with LED backlight which can be configured to automatically dim at night when the vehicle’s lights are on. It is equally suited to all petrol engine types including 2 stroke, 4 stroke, air cooled, water cooled, single and multi cylinder engines. The unit is powered from the vehicle’s power supply, both 12V DC systems with a battery or 12V AC systems fitted with a regulator are suitable.

Both the RPM and temperature are displayed on bargraph displays which progress through Blue, Green, Orange and Red as the measured values increase. The transition points of each colour is configurable, as is the minimum and maximum endpoints. This allows you to say define the Green RPM region to the band of maximum efficiency or the Orange region to the band of maximum power. The Red band could be set to the danger zone and you could also set the bargraph maximum endpoint to slightly above the maximum allowed engine RPM. The actual RPM value is simultaneously displayed on a digital readout that will also change colour as the bargraph progresses through the colours, this gives extra information as to which band you are currently in. This digital readout can be configured to flash when a user defined RPM is exceeded, there is also a temperature-shared relay output that can be configured to operate when the RPM exceeds a defined value. These are useful for maximum RPM warning or gear change indicators.
As with the RPM, the temperature bargraph has exactly the same features so you can configure the colour bands to reflect the correct cold, ideal and dangerous temperature zones, and because the minimum and maximum endpoints can be configured it is equally suitable for air cooled and water cooled engines. The temperature digital readout can also be configured to flash when a user defined temperature is exceeded - as can the shared relay output contacts. The device will store and display the peak temperature measured since the last reset and whenever this is updated it will be displayed in red until the next off-on power cycle.

Setup is via the touch screen interface, simply pressing the display for greater than one second will enter the setup menu where all options can be easily viewed or configured. All settings are stored internally and are preserved when the unit is powered down without the need of any backup battery or supply.


Installation is very straight forward, connect the two power cables the vehicle’s power system, the temperature probe is a ring terminal that is fitted to the cylinder head underneath the spark plug and the tacho pickup cable is simply wrapped around the HT lead a few times and secured with cable ties or insulation tape. You can also optionally connect the dimming circuit cable to the vehicle’s lighting circuit to allow the display to dim when the lights are on and also the relay output connections can be connected to a warning light or other device.
The module is supplied with a 1.5m wiring loom, temperature probe, mounting bracket and full instruction manual.

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